Step 1:

Please print and fill out the following WA State forms. You can return them in person or email them to whiteriverchildrensacademy@gmail.com. Please note, the certificate of exemption is only necessary if you have an immunization exemption.

Child Care Registration Form

Certificate of Immunization Status

Certificate of Exemption

Step 2:

Please fill out the following WRCA Online Forms at the “Step 2” link below:

  1. parent contact information

  2. photo permission slip

  3. field trip permission slip (sample).

Step 2

Step 3:

Please review the each of the following documents, then click on the “Step 3” link below to sign an acknowledgment that you’ve read and understood them.

Step 3

Step 4:

White River Children’s Academy will review your information. If everything is complete, you’ll get a contract to sign and we can start caring for your child.



Additional Forms

Use these forms only if directed by White River Children’s Academy staff.